After launching SunNet Manager in the UK for Sun Microsystems, Mike founded an open systems service management business at Micromuse, bringing Remedy (pre-IPO and the BMC acquisition), NetMetrix (pre-HP/Agilent), Patrol (pre–BMC), Eco-Tools (pre–Compuware) and several other innovative and benefit driven service management tools into the European market.

Mike partnered with Phil Tee to take both Netcool and RiverSoft to market, subsequently establishing the key OEM relationships with Cisco, HP and Intel that led directly to the Micromuse and RiverSoft initial public offerings on NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange respectively.

An idealistic service management enthusiast and technology commercialization expert, Mike has been instrumental in the success of numerous software companies. Prior to co-founding Moogsoft, Mike co-founded Promethyan Labs with Phil Tee to bring innovative algorithm heavy software technologies to market.

Mike’s vision for MOOG is to enable service delivery organizations to resource efficiently offer consistent value and, for their customers and suppliers to be equal information partners in the provision, use and maintenance of the services.